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Concrete takes time - speed it up!

You will find quality precast concrete products at your disposal when you shop with us. This decreases your waiting and increase your product quality control. Make sure you choose us for your quality precast concrete!


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Precast Concrete

Becker & Scrivens is your source for trusted precast concrete products and suppliers in Jonesville, MI, Coldwater, MI, and the nearby areas. When you choose us for your concrete needs, you will find quality products at competitive prices. Precast concrete reduces the amount of time needed to wait for the concrete to set and dry, which results in great quality control and more efficient construction processes.

When You Need the Job Completed Quickly and on Time!

When you choose precast blocks, your project will have the same or better quality as with traditional concrete mixing. You can rest assured knowing that our highly-trained team can provide the right precast blocks so your projects can be completed quickly and on time. Precast concrete allows you to drop in the finished pieces instead of pouring the concrete.

Let us provide you with the simple and efficient concrete solutions you need:

  • Quality septic tanks and supplies
  • Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio certified septic tanks
  • Pump tanks, dry-wells, and a large range of capacity tanks
  • Sta Rite pumps, controls, fittings and pipe to service any engineered system
  • Concrete and plastic risers to bring your lid to ground level
  • Decorative riser and pump covers to maintain natural look to landscape
  • Large 6' blocks for retaining walls
  • Precast steps, blocks, downspout troughs, birdbaths
  • Many other small precast concrete items
  • Schedule 35 and 40 pipe fittings
  • 6'x2'x2' concrete blocks
  • Storm shelter
    Concrete Redi Mix

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We can provide you with the right building materials needed for your construction project. Give us a call for more information about precast concrete. Contact us to get started with your concrete project today. Give us a call at (517) 437-4250.

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