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Cold Months are Ahead... but Construction Projects Never Stop!

Updated: Mar 17

Construction Season Year Round

Construction season is virtually year-round, so planning a new build can start any time. For those of you with construction on your mind – think concrete!

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are large, pre-made concrete forms that fit together like interlocking blocks. It is becoming a popular time and labor-efficient building material with a long list of benefits to the homeowner. A well-known and respected brand of ICF is Fox Blocks. Fox Blocks walls are double-insulated, steel reinforced concrete walls that are installed ready for interior or exterior finishes.

Pre-made Concrete to Save Time

“It is a good efficient way to build an energy efficient house,” says Ryan Schofield of M&S Construction. He has not only installed ICFs on homes he has built, he has used ICF in the construction of his own house as well.

ICFs are also simple to assemble and consolidate several building steps into one. This cuts down not only on labor costs for installation, but for the overall time to construct the home.

Save money and time in more ways than one with the instillation of ICFs. Upfront costs are slightly more with an ICF build than wood frame construction; however, the savings come quickly and last the lifetime of your home. Homes built using ICF are more energy efficient which allows homeowners to use a smaller mechanical system than for a frame home.

Energy Efficient Concrete

Cut Down Labor Costs with ICF

This typically results in at least a one percent upfront savings, costing the homeowner less not only to install but every month as well.

For those looking to build a “greener” home, the higher quality insulation of ICFs and smaller HVAC unit equals lower fossil fuel consumption. A concrete house will therefore generate fewer greenhouse emissions over the life of the home than a wood-built home.

The benefits of ICF continue once your house is built! ICF homes are less drafty than wood homes and have fewer cold spots, maintaining a more even temperature throughout the home.

Ryan compares the strength of ICFs to that of the famous three little pigs fable. He adds that not only are ICF strong but much better insulated as well.

With less movement through the home, there is also less noise. ICF homes have noticeably less noise from outside with only one-sixth as much noise traveling through a concrete wall as its counterpart.

Concrete Construction at Work!

Movement is greatly reduced in an ICF-built home. Concrete walls are stronger than wood-built walls in many ways and homeowners will not feel flex in walls or floors and virtually no vibration when slamming doors.

Homes built with ICF will provide homeowners significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions while providing a stronger, quieter and more comfortable home.

Build a "Greener" Home w/ICF

Becker & Scrivens of Hillsdale and Montpelier, OH, offers Fox Blocks ICFs and is the leading ready mix concrete supplier in the area.

Ryan says he used Becker and Scrivens because they are knowledgeable about the product and easy to work with.

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