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Give Your Kids a Clean Slate this Summer!

Updated: Mar 17

Winter is finally over! Kids are racing to get outside to ride bikes, shoot some hoops and express their creativity with chalk. But wait! Your driveway is a mess! The thought of replacing a driveway can seem a little overwhelming. An investment with a quality product like concrete means less stress long-term. Knowing where to find the best concrete can help ease a homeowner’s worries as well! Take Becker & Scrivens for example, locally owned and operated in Hillsdale and Ohio, the business

helps homeowners as much as [they] can to ensure their project is a success,” says owner Aaron Scrivens.

But why concrete? Savings for one. A new concrete driveway or patio will require less maintenance and in the long run will cost less money for upkeep.

Style and beauty for another. A home’s exterior is its first impression. Stamped or decorative concrete on a driveway or walking path gives a warm and inviting look to any home. Dozens of concrete stamps and color options allow your house to stand out in the neighborhood!

Not to mention concrete’s durability. Now that the sun and warmth is out it’s time to get the toys out! Concrete driveways withstand the extra weight of larger trucks, RVs, and boats without creating ridges or dents on the drive. Hot summer days also mean kids in shorts and bare feet. A concrete driveway keeps their knees and toes from burning on even the hottest summer days!

Last but not least, longevity. Whether you are staying in your home for the next five years or 50 years, concrete driveway is the best option. Concrete increases the resale value of a home if you are planning to leave and can also last up to 50 years if you and your family have found your perfect home sweet home.

Whatever the reason, a concrete driveway is the perfect way to add value and style to your home’s exterior this summer. It’s time to improve the exterior of your home with a driveway or patio with concrete. And what better place to purchase concrete than from Becker & Scrivens because ...

[they] strive to make every job go as smooth as possible,” Aaron says.

Becker & Scrivens of Hillsdale and Montpelier Ohio is the leading ready mix supplier in the area. Tell your contractor you want Becker & Scrivens concrete for your driveway or patio summer project.

Tell them you want Becker & Scrivens concrete for your driveway or patio summer project. We have your preferred contractor on hand!

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