Long Lasting, Airtight, & Leak Proof

7 Reasons Everyone Prefers Concrete Septics


Leak Proof

Concrete Septics

Concrete is the ideal material for a septic system. 

  1. Michigan's heavy snows and rains can saturate the ground, but a concrete septic tank will never rust or "float" to the surface.

  2. Concrete is environmentally safe and does not affect ground water quality.

  3. The durability of concrete means a tank can be used for up to 40 years without replacement.

  4. Concrete septics can be pumped empty without fear of collapse.

  5. Our Precast Tanks are delivered ready to be put in the ground. 

    • Ask your contractor for more details and tell them you want Becker & Scrivens concrete for your next construction project! 
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  6. Because our Precast Tanks are made airtight, homeowners don't have to worry about groundwater leaking in or septic water leaking out!

  7. Maintenance on concrete septics are only needed every few years!