How to Care for Your Concrete Septic Tank

Concrete Septic Tank Maintenance

  • ​Cleaners:
    Avoid using heavy cleaners such as bleach that contain antibacterial properties.

  • Heaving rains:
    Keep an eye on drain fields. Heavily soaked lawns from rain or melting snow cause the ground to be saturated making it difficult for water to drain from the septic system.

  • How about those gutters?
    It is important to point all gutters away from the drain field to reduce the amount of water seeping into the ground.

  • Inspections:
    Septic systems should be inspected every three years by a professional to make sure everything is working properly.

If a homeowner notices any of the following they should contact a septic company right away. It could mean a septic system has filed and it needs to be replaced (learn more here).

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