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Becker & Scrivens Rental Stamps

Our exclusive stamp rentals come in all sorts of patterns such as stone, slate, hardwood flooring, cobblestone brick, stone tile and more! Concrete can be so versatile and can have that finish your project needs.


Homeowners and contractors are welcome to rent our stamps for their project:

  • Star Compass

  • Rough Stone Seamless Texture

  • Reclaimed Timber

  • Random Stone

  • Hardwood Floor

  • Cobblestone Brick

  • Basketweave Brick 

  • Ashlar Slate 

  • 12x12 Stone Tile

Stamp Samples

2.1 MB

Random Stone

random stone stamped concrete
blue random stone concrete

Ashlar Slate

ashlar slate
ashlar slates stamped concrete
blue ashlar slate

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor stamp
Hardwood floor concrete stamp
stamped concrete hardwood floor

Cobblestone Brick

cobblestone Brick
Cobblestone Brick stamped concrete

12x12 Stone Tile

12x12 stone tile stamped concrete by pool
12x12 stone tile stamped concrete

Star Compass

Star Compass stamped concrete
stamped concrete star compass

Basketweave Brick

basketweave brick stamped concrete
stamped concrete basketweave brick

Rough Stone Seamless Texture

Rough stone seamless texture stamped concrete
stamped concrete rough stone seamless texture

Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed Timber stamped concrete
stamped concrete reclaimed timber
reclaimed timber concrete
concrete reclaimed timber
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