Precast Concrete Storm Shelter

Leak Proof

Concrete Shelters

Becker and Scriven’s precast storm shelter provides safety for residents without a basement. Our shelters are typically buried about 4’ in the ground and then backfilled to the top on 3 sides.  When ready, we will deliver your shelter right to you and place it where your contractor has prepared the earth.


Buried concrete storm shelters can last decades.  Measuring at 7'1" tall, 11'4" long and 6'8" wide, you can rest easy knowing your family will be able to comfortably wait out any storm where damaging winds are involved.  When you order a shelter from us, they come with the door, vents, and wood steps to get down inside.  


As always, our precast concrete is leak proof.  But with our shelters in particular, they also come with a 4” capped vent and a 6” turbine vent.  We suggest investing in some solar lighting for the inside and maybe some shelves or chairs to make waiting out the storm more durable. 

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