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Standard Color Selection Guide

You can choose to have the inset of the stamp (the indentation that is left after the stamp is removed) to have a darker antique color so it pops! This antique release agent is applied prior to stamping and when the concrete is set it is washed away leaving your finished concrete perfect. 

We recommend using:


  • Dark Gray

  • Walnut


The Dark Gray and Walnut are our most popular agents, however any color from the options shown can be ordered.

Brickform Standard Color Chart

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brickform stamped concrete

 BRICKFORM defining decorative concrete™

Color Hardener™

Antique Release™



Overlay Liquid Colorant™

This selection guide represents the entire stock collection of designer colors available in BRICKFORM Color Hardener, BRICKFORM Antique Release, BRICKFORM Cem-Coat, BRICKFORM FreestylePRO and BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant. BRICKFORM is devoted to providing the widest variety and largest selection of coloring products available for decorative concrete. Forty standard colors and the ability to custom color-match guarantees that BRICKFORM can provide you with the color combination for any project.

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BRICKFORM Standard Color Selection Guide

BRICKFORM Color Hardener

BRICKFORM Antique Release



BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant

BRICKFORM Color Hardener, BRICKFORM Antique ReleaseAgent, BRICKFORM 

Cem-Coat, and BRICKFORM FreestylePRO are available in 40 standard colors.

*BrickformOvery Liquid Colorant not available in Smokey Blue.

Custom Colors and Color Matching Services Available

Standard Colors Not Shown: (All Products) 900-Black, 1000-White

Offices and Warehouses Nationally and Internationally

Inquiries: 800-483-9628


Add BRICKFORM’s complete line of texturing tools and accessories and you have the potential to create stunning, textured interior floors and exterior hardscapes. Imagine concrete that looks like old brick or Mexican tile. Create cobblestone courtyards, walkways or entries made to look like imported slate, or decks and verandas that resemble old cedar planking. For over 35 years, BRICKFORM has been helping to make a reality creative, distinctive, appealing concrete hardscapes. Discover the exciting possibilities for yourself. 

The colors shown are representative and approximate, as closely as possible, concrete with a flat troweled finish, sealed with BRICKFORM Gemseal. BRICKFORM is not responsible for job conditions, application methods, finishing techniques, curing methods and other variables and cannot guarantee the final appearance to be an exact match. Texturing or finishing techniques such as brooming or troweling, the use of sealers, and slight color-drifts in raw materials will produce variations of the colors. BRICKFORM strongly recommends a representative job sample for each product.

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