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Precast Concrete Septic Tanks and Storm Shelters

Precast concrete septic tanks and storm shelters are the perfect solution when it comes to keeping your family safe for years to come.

  • Drywells and pump tanks

  • Schedule 30 and 40 pipe and fittings

  • Pumps and pumping supplies

  • Engineered septic system supplies

  • Replicated rocks

  • Concrete and plastic risers

  • Pre-cast steps and blocks


Septic Tanks

Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

Long lasting, airtight and leak proof - concrete is the ideal material for a septic system.

open septic tank hole ready for a concrete septic tank
septic tank leaking in the grass

Maintenance on concrete septics is only needed every few years!

How to care for your concrete septic tank.

Cleaners: Avoid using heavy cleaners such as bleach that contain antibacterial properties.

Heaving rains: Keep an eye on drain fields. Heavily soaked lawns from rain or melting snow cause the ground to be saturated making it difficult for water to drain from the septic system.

How about those gutters? It is important to point all gutters away from the drain field to reduce the amount of water seeping into the ground.

Inspections: Septic systems should be inspected every three years by a professional to make sure everything is working properly.

If a homeowner notices any of the following they should contact a septic company right away puddles in the drainfield, sewage back-ups or foul smells near the septic tank. It could mean a septic system has failed and it needs to be replaced.

Becker and Scrivens concrete septic tank insulation

A septic tank is something homeowners do not want to spend time thinking about. They want it to operate properly and last for years. A precast concrete septic tank from Becker & Scrivens will give homeowners peace of mind for years. Becker & Scrivens of Hillsdale and Montpelier Ohio offers concrete septic tanks and is the leading redi mix concrete supplier in the area. Our septic tanks can be installed by a contractor and will be worry-free, with minimal maintenance only every few years. Precast concrete septic tanks are leak-proof, and airtight, keeping your lawn and water supply safe from contamination. 

Septic tanks are secured in the ground and accessible through a lid at ground level. Becker & Scrivens utilizes supplies with the Tuf Tite Riser System, a series of watertight plastic risers and a concrete lid making your septic tank sealed against outside elements and accessible when you need it. To maintain a natural look to your landscape, we also have decorative risers and pump covers. So no one will know where your septic tank is located except you.

7 Reasons everyone prefers concrete septics.

Precast Concrete Storm Shelters

Becker & Scriven’s precast concrete storm shelter provides safety for residents without a basement. Our shelters are typically buried about 4’ in the ground and then backfilled to the top on 3 sides. When ready, we will deliver your shelter right to you and place it where your contractor has prepared the earth.


Buried concrete storm shelters can last decades. Measuring at 7'1" tall, 11'4" long and 6'8" wide, you can rest easy knowing your family will be able to comfortably wait out any storm where damaging winds are involved. When you order a shelter from us, they come with the door, vents, and wood steps to get down inside.


As always, our precast concrete is leak proof. But with our shelters in particular, they also come with a 4” capped vent and a 6” turbine vent. We suggest investing in some solar lighting for the inside and maybe some shelves or chairs to make waiting out the storm more durable.

Becker Scrivens redi mix concrete company

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