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Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

We can provide you with the right building supplies needed for your construction project.

When you need an energy-efficient and cost-effective building material consider insulated concrete forms from Becker & Scrivens.  We recommend Fox Blocks.


The benefits of ICF continue once your house is built! ICF homes are less drafty than wood homes and have fewer cold spots, maintaining a more even temperature throughout the home.


Movement is also greatly reduced in an ICF-built home. Concrete walls are stronger than wood-built walls in many ways and homeowners will not feel flex in walls or floors and virtually no vibration when slamming doors. With less movement through the home, there is also less noise. ICF homes have noticeably less noise from outside with only one-sixth as much noise traveling through a concrete wall as its counterpart.

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Time and Money
Green ICF-1 min compressed
ICF Walls

Save time and money!

Environmentally Sustainable

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) blocks are environmentally sustainable with the added bonus of being economically sound and energy efficient. We carry exactly what you need to build a concrete insulated structure.

ICFs Last a Lifetime

Save money and time in more ways than one with the installation of ICFs. Upfront costs are slightly more with an ICF build than wood frame construction however the savings come quickly and last the lifetime of your home. Homes built using ICF are more energy efficient which allows homeowners to use a smaller mechanical system than a frame home. ​

Time and Labor Efficiency

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are large, pre-made concrete forms that fit together like interlocking blocks. It is becoming a popular time and labor-efficient building material with a long list of benefits to the homeowner. 

A Valuable Investment

If you are looking for the best value in concrete construction, ICFs offer the perfect solution. These environmentally sustainable blocks are both affordable and energy efficient. We can assist you in choosing the insulated concrete form blocks you need for your project.

Advanced Green Technology

Distinct Advantages

As a green technology on the leading edge of the concrete industry, ICFs have many distinct advantages. These include being resistant to fire, cost effective, and resistant to sound transfer. ICFs can offer up to 44% more energy efficiency than other types of building materials. With ICFs as your building material, you can save money while increasing your energy efficiency.

Lower Fossil Fuel Consumption

For those looking to build a “greener” home, the higher quality insulation of ICFs and smaller HVAC unit equals lower fossil fuel consumption. A concrete house will therefore generate fewer greenhouse emissions over the life of the home than a wood-built home.

ICF–a durable solution!

Formidable and Long Lasting

Insulated concrete forms are formidable and long lasting, delivering the durability you need for your commercial or residential construction project. Whether you are building new residential housing units or completing a commercial construction project, ICFs are the ideal option.

It's all in one step!

ICFs are a more advanced building material that delivers exceptional value for any construction project. Before starting your build, talk to your contractor about using insulated concrete forms for your house. They will perform structural, insulating, and house wrap functions, all in one step. ICFS can be assembled on site. They offer maximum flexibility and accommodate reinforcing steel placement.

Fox Blocks

A well-known and respected brand of ICF is Fox Blocks. Fox Blocks walls are double-insulated, steel reinforced concrete walls that are installed ready for interior or exterior finishes.

Becker Scrivens Concrete Ready Mix Cemen

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