Synergy Integral Colors

Concrete and Precast Spec 03300

Terra Cotta Light
Terra Cotta Medium
Terra Cotta Dark
Terra Cotta Deep
Merlot Light
Merlot Medium
Merlot Dark
Merlot Deep
Wheat Light
Wheat Medium
Wheat Dark
Wheat Deep
Brownstone Light
Brownstone Medium
Brownstone Dark
Brownstone Deep
Coal Light
Coal Medium
Coal Dark
Coal Deep
Acron Light
Acorn Medium
Acorn Dark
Acorn Deep
Mocha Light
Mocha Medium
Mocha Dark
Mocha Deep
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The color of raw materials or a sample strip is subject to variation from the color chip reproduction above. Colors above are as accurate as can be predicted using the finest materials of reproduction. Job site variations from the above color may occur due to the differences in the local raw materials and methods of application. Before final color selection is made, a job site panel should be erected and approved.

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