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How to Add Value to Your Home with Concrete

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Uniquely designed concrete can make your house stand out in its neighborhood and give the value of your home the boast it needs.

Spring is finally here and with the warmer weather comes the sprucing up our yard needs from the long cold winter. One sure way to give new life to the exterior of your home is through a new concrete driveway or patio.

“A [concrete] driveway can increase your property’s value between 5 and 10 percent” says Fast Sales Homes. That means “a $500,000 home can increase to a $550,000 home.”

On average, a new 2-car concrete driveway costs anywhere from $3-$6,000, which makes this type of an investment pretty significant. By adding a driveway can even Give Your Kids a Clean Slate with Quality Concrete!

Garage Floor Concrete Cement Driveway

If you are planning on selling your home, Buller Driveways say "...only 44% of prospective buyers wanted a garden while 84% said that they would not buy a house without a driveway."

Whether you want to sell your home this season or spend more time in your outdoor space this summer, a concrete patio is a huge positive. It can add such a 'wow' factor giving your family a beautiful outdoor living space to spill over into.

How the exterior of your home looks is the way you welcome others to your home.

Teak Patio Concrete Flooring

Concrete can be poured in a variety of patterns. Stamping tools allow concrete to have the look of stone, cobblestone brick, basketweave, hardwood floor and reclaimed timber. Curved or straight patterns allow for the personality of the homeowner to come through.

Create even more of a unique look with the addition of color with dozens to choose from ranging from terra cotta light to mocha deep creating an almost infinite combination of styles and hues.

With an up to 50-year lifespan, new concrete is an investment which will last, and with only minor maintenance it can look as good as the day it was poured for years to come. Concrete’s durability, low maintenance and longevity not only make it ideal for giving the value of your home a boast but for giving the look of your home a boast as well. A concrete driveway or patio will be the last driveway or patio your home will ever need.

Quality concrete can help create the perfect look you’ve always wanted. Give your house a fresh new look and feel with the addition of a beautifully patterned concrete driveway and a durable and custom concrete patio.

And what better place to purchase concrete than from Becker and Scrivens because ..."[they] strive to make every job go as smooth as possible,” says owner Aaron.

Becker & Scrivens is your local redi mix concrete supply company in lower Mid-Michigan, North East Indiana, and North West Ohio. Tell your contractor you want Becker & Scrivens concrete for your next project.

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