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How to Craft with Concrete

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you can think it, you probably can make it with concrete. Crafters have gone crazy with their unique and inspired ideas, creating everything under the sun using common household objects as their starting point.

You can learn how to mix concrete in a bucket too!

There are so many creative crafts out there using concrete, you just may think - what can’t you make with concrete?

The best concrete to use for DIY projects is a redi mix concrete. Note that concrete projects can be messy and the tools (and clothing) you use may not fully clean. Mix concrete in a wheelbarrow or large bucket and always wear safety glasses as concrete is a corrosive material.

Concrete stepping stones

Let’s start simple. Make a decorative planter or stepping stones for your flower bed or path, with just a few simple steps. These are great projects to make with kids of any size and make wonderful gifts. You can make your planters any size or shape you like using plastic containers or sturdy shallow paper boxes. Mix concrete to a peanut butter-like consistency and pour into the mold. Decorate with small stones, gems, tile or have kids put in their handprints and write their name and year for a personalized stone. Stepping stones can be painted when dry.

Concrete planters

Planters for inside or outside the home are easy to make with concrete. Mix concrete and pour into a large container or bowl that has a small container fitted inside. Weigh down the interior container so the concrete does not push it up. If you want a drainage hole, be sure to insert a small straw at the bottom. Once dry remove the smaller container, fill with stones, dirt, plants and enjoy!

It’s not only what you make with concrete that is endless it is the types of materials as well! Dip towels in concrete and lay them over half a watermelon rind for a unique bowl or planter. Fill plastic gloves or boots to create candle holders, planters or simple works of art for both inside and outside your home. The possibilities really are endless! So have fun with it and Decorate & Upgrade Your Home with Concrete!

Many DIY concrete projects can be found on websites like Pinterest or simply google the phrase “diy concrete crafts.”

Becker & Scrivens is your local redi mix concrete supply company in lower Mid-Michigan, North East Indiana, and North West Ohio. Tell your contractor you want Becker & Scrivens concrete for your next project.


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