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5 Signs You Need a New Septic Tank!

Updated: Mar 17

A concrete precast septic practically lets homeowners set it and forget it with maintenance only every few years.

However, septic tanks are susceptible to weather as the bacteria inside the tank can have difficulty surviving in low temperatures. When the thermometer dips below 50 degrees bacteria slows and even stops moving. This can cause a build-up of sludge.

For more information on preventative maintenance for your cement septic tank, please visit our Septic Tank Maintenance Suggestions page.

If a homeowner notices any of the following they should contact a septic company right away because it could mean a septic system has filed and it needs to be replaced:

#1 Sewage backup – if raw sewage backs up in sinks or toilets, call a professional immediately.

#2 Puddles in the drain field – if the backyard has too much wastewater it will puddle signifying need for replacement.

#3 Foul odor – smelling a foul odor near the septic tank means it is time to replace it.

#4 Contaminated well water – this indicates the groundwater has been polluted and it’s time for a replacement septic tank.

#5 Greener grass – when a septic system fails it leaks sewage into the ground which acts as a fertilizer to the grass causing it to be greener than other areas of the lawn.

We may not think about it often–or even at all, but when a septic system backs up or breaks down it can be a huge problem. Becker & Scrivens' reliable Concrete Septic Tanks offer owners a long lasting, airtight, and leak proof wastewater system option.

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